I look clean like Listerine. 
Plus I got my brand new Levi jeans. 
- Mac Rey
"Baby girl, I can’t imagine what it’s like for you
I got you pregnant now inside there is a life in you"
J. Cole
"On the grill of my lowrider
Guns on both sides, right above the gold wires
I'll fo'-five 'em, kill a nigga on my song
And really do it, that's the true meaning of a ghostwriter"
The Game
"I get a feelin' it's a trippy night
Them other drugs just don't fit me right"
A$AP Rocky
"I keep a blue flag hanging out my backside 
But only on the left side, yeah that's the Crip side"
Snoop Dogg
"I gotta go cause I got me a drop top
And if I hit the switch, I can make the ass drop"
Ice Cube
"Cruisin Down The Street In My Six-Fo'
Jockin The Bitches, Slappin The Hoes
Went To The Park To Get The Scoop
Knuckleheads Out There Cold, Shootin Some Hoops"
"To all my niggas that'll never make it out the streets
Fuck it, keep goin' hard, don't let 'em see you weak"
ScHoolboy Q
"Hopefully, I'll be at the top soon
For now I'm at my house on the couch watching cartoons"
Mac Miller
"Why toss my filter when she saved my life?
The same shit that kills us, always taste so right"
Chance The Rapper
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"Re-rockin' the dope, soon as it get off the boat
Keepin' it soft like a mink, Gold on my link, coke in the sink"
"If I fall, if I die, know I lived it to the fullest
If I fall, if I die, know I lived and missed some bullets"
Kid Cudi
"We just fucking up the city, going hard every night
Niggas hating on us, you know lord they ain't right"
Meek Mill
"Oh, I was raised by the stop sign
No religion I was getting saved by the Glock nine"

"Coppin' it, washin' it, 'bout to go and get some compliments
Passin' up on those moccasins someone else's been walkin' in"
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"I can dig rapping, but a rapper with a ghost writer
What the fuck happened?"
Kendrick Lamar
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"Jesus called, he said he's sick of the disses
I told him to quit bitching, this isn't a fucking hotline
For a fucking shrink, sheesh, I already got mine"

Tyler, The Creator
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"How can we not talk about family when family's all that we got?
Everything I went through you were standing there by my side
And now you gon' be with me for the last ride"

Wiz Khalifa
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"There were times I used to hide my feelings
Now I'm butt naked in the Lamborghini"

Action Bronson
"This business is quick sand and I won't sink
Put the pistol in my hand and I won't think"

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"Brown bag with that work, strapped up with that Nina (got to)
Bad bitches with me, molly and Aquifina"
- French Montana
"Aww man, I'm more concerned why niggas been textin' my cell, callin' my phone
Ask me about this Kendrick shit, that he ain't even really even diss me on"
-Big K.R.I.T
"Strictly need my C-notes, can you keep up with my lingo
Some would say life is a gamble, which means love is a casino"
-Kevin Gates
"But no matter what the fuck your name is
Nothin' nice is what my game is"
-Mac Dre
"In a different world, outerspace with a freak
But that don't mean Neptune on the beat
Cause its Nu Jerzey Devil from Black Wall Street"
- Lil' Wayne
"Joker outside her hormones going wild.
She was playing with herself like she was an only child"

-Travis Porter
"You ain't know nothing about this fresh shit ho
I'll fuck your bitch with a Louis Vuitton condom"
-Big Sean
"She was dancing like a stripper so I had to throw some ones
She winked her eye at me and said it's time to have some fun"
-Travis Porter
"Was down bad with no goal for some cash
You watch out while I hid the stash
I'm gon' give you half"
-Lil' Boosie
"Since '98 I grabbed my plate up off the lunch table
I told mama I'm thugging outside we don't need cable"
-Lil' Boosie
“Racism is still alive, yellow tapes and colored lines"
Kendrick Lamar
"Ayo, my pen and paper cause a chain reaction
To get your brain relaxing, the zany acting maniac in action
A brainiac in fact son, you mainly lack attraction
You look insanely whack when just a fraction of my track spun"

“I ain’t a killer but don’t push me, 
revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting pussy"
"I got rap niggas that I gotta act like I like
But my actin’ days are over, fuck them niggas for life, yeah"
"Please make your killings clean, slugs up in between
They eyes, like True Lies, kill them and flee the scene"
-Notorious B.I.G.
"Black girl sippin' white wine
Put my fist in her like a civil rights sign"
-Kanye West
“I’m in the control of my game, you must respect me like The Ref
Uh-huh, you disrespect gun clicks you get the tech”
-Gang Starr
“I was fucking chicks in the ass 
when I was six and a half”
-Big L.
"Now get off my dick
Dick’s too short of a word for my dick
Get off my antidisestablishmentarianism, you prick"
“I ain’t a killer but don’t push me,
revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting pussy”
“We used to fight for building blocks, now we fight for blocks with buildings; that make a killing”
“Should we cry when the Pope dies? My request
We should cry if they cried when we buried Malcolm X”

"Versace Versace Versace Versace Versace Versace
VersaceVersace VersaceVersace Versace Versace Versace"
“She’s got a big booty,so I call her ‘Big Booty’” 
-2 Chainz
"Even though I went to college and dropped outta school quick
I always had a PHD, a pretty huge dick”
-Kanye West
“I can take a phrase that’s rarely heard, Flip it — now it’s a daily word”
"I don’t rap for dead presidents
I’d rather see the President dead, It’s never been said, but I set precedents"
“‘Oh my god is that a black card?’ I turned around and replied ‘why yes
but I prefer the term African-American Express’” 
-Kanye West
"Now they heard you're blowing up like nitro
And they wanna stick the knife through your windpipe slow"
-Notorious B.I.G.
"I wanted an album so rugged nobody could touch it
Spent a million a track and went over my budget
Now how in the fuck am I supposed to get out of debt?
I can’t rap anymore
I just murdered the alphabet"